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Ways You Can Help
in Your Own Community

Help Quick-Guide

Below is a detailed list of ways you can help in your own community, Here are a few quick and easy ways for you to make a difference in the lives of many individuals where you live.


  • Giving food, blankets, pillows, towels and clothes directly to those experiencing homeless or to the shelters that serve them is one effective way to alleviate the suffering of the homeless.

  • Also, consider making and carrying around care bags with small essentials – socks, snacks, bottled water, soap, hats, gloves – so that you can give them to a homeless person you see asking for help. These bags are great to make with your kids or even with residents and co-workers to help build upon the notion of helping others.

  • Here is a simple, yet effective way to lift the spirits of those experiencing homelessness. Do you walk by those experiencing homelessness without looking at them? Stop, look them in the eye and say something. Even if it’s just “good morning,” or “I hope you have a nice day,” showing a little kindness, interest and respect can boost their morale. Better yet, a full-fledged conversation – even if it lasts just a minute or two – can help a homeless person feel respected and acknowledged.


While homelessness is a problem across America and even the world, we sometimes like to see the fruits of our labor working directly at home, in our own communities. There are a number of ways you can keep your efforts directly benefiting your home turf, many of which we have outlines in the list below. No matter which way you choose to help, just know that your efforts are making a significant difference in the fight against homelessness. And please don't hesitate to send us photos of your work in action. We would love to post your photos on these pages of our site to inspire others to follow your lead. You can send your photos in .jpg, .png, or .pdf formats to: 10MB total file attachment limit.

Ways You Can Help in Your Community
  • Write a letter to your Senators and Representatives demanding a right to housing and wrap-around services for all.  Demand that tax funds be used for housing and wrap-around services and not homeless sweeps.

  • Create a clearing house area for all items the homeless need to survive.  Such as water bottles, socks, warm and cool weather clothing, sleeping bags etc…  Perhaps stored in a warehouse and manned by volunteers.  People will then know where to donate items.  Each month we can put out a call to action about needed items. 

  • Encourage people to get together with friends to “adopt a family in need” help this family with all their immediate needs.  Electric bills, cell phone, food, clothing, school items for their children.  Write about your experiences and send them to our email for possible publication.

  • Approach tent and backpack makers to donate either items or, a certain percentage of each purchase to the underserved community.

  • Interview prominent people who were previously homeless about their experience with homelessness. Ask these people to announce a call to action.

  • Donate to Shelter Matters to continue to get accurate information about how your tax dollars are actually being spent.  Those funds that have been earmarked by the government for homelessness.

  • Ask local developers to help house our homeless community. 

  • Challenge your business or organization to hire the homeless.

  • Provide lunch, water, bus fare, work boots, work clothes to temporary agencies hiring the homeless.

  • Provide gas vouchers for those living in their cars. 

  • Ask local mechanics to help repair cars of the homeless free of charge. They will receive a tax credit.

  • Challenge your neighbors to have a sock drive for those experiencing homelessness.

Let us know how you're helping the homeless closer to home. We'd love to share your stories and photos on social media. Just fill out the form below. 

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