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Who We Are

Uncommon Sense is comprised of a variety of individuals from different backgrounds, each with their own philosophies and ideologies that are an integral part of who they are. As diverse as the Uncommon Sense family is, we all share one common vision where anyone is able to find a cause that ignites their passion and use that passion to become actively engaged in being a champion for that cause.

Each member of our organization believes that one person can make a difference; that the smallest effort can have a significant impact;
and that, working together, a small group of caring, dedicated individuals can change the world.
Because, indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.



Max Appel


Janice Fritsch
Founder, Board Chair

Dave headshot.jpg

David Sevick
Founder, Executive Director

StaffBoard Anchor

Nicole Abunassar
Board Member

Becky - headshot2C.png

Dr. Becky Miller Updike
Board Member

Kathleen Van Voorhis - headshot1.png

Dr. Kathleen Van Voorhis
Board Member 

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